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1-800-Roof Care. The Lead Generation Program That Surpasses The Rest.

With 1-800-Roof Care, you will never pay for LEADS!
You can now use 1-800-Roof Care in your local marketing!

Total Exclusivity

How does 1-800-Roof Care make a measurable impact in the lead generation arena? First, we are the ONLY lead referral company that connects a memorable toll-free number directly to your office phone line. That's right - you have?complete?exclusivity?of qualified leads. Unlike other "shared" lead generation programs, we do not source leads to half a dozen different roofing companies. All leads are exclusively YOURS. Within seconds of the lead being generated, you can reply with a direct, personal response to the customer and solidify the sale.

Exact Selection Of The Counties You Want

Every call and website lead within the county(ies) you select are directly and exclusively sent to you. If your roofing business is located in Ventura County, all callers from the county dialing 1-800-Roof Care are instantly connected to your current business line. And, every quote request from Ventura County sent via email through the website is sent only to you. Just select the county(ies) you want to get new business leads from.?Counties sold on a first-come-first serve basis.

Two Ways To Receive Your Leads

Customers call 1-800-Roof Care
Customers call 1-800-Roof Care,
which rings to your office.
Customers complete a simple form, and it's emailed to your office.
Customers complete a simple form,
and it's emailed to your office.

A Positive, Polished Business Image

Our exclusive network creates a positive business image you can be proud of and use in all your marketing strategies. 1-800-Roof Care reinforces the credibility and professionalism of your company when potential customers see the number on your vehicles, signs and advertising. Because of our “exclusivity” of only one member per county (you can choose to own multiple counties), only 2% of roofing businesses nationwide can become a member in the 1-800-Roof Care referral program. Your membership creates an exclusive “stand out” identity in your market, becomes an lucrative asset of your company, and is assignable in the event you ever sell your business.

See if your county is still available.

A Vanity Number With Greater Recall Advantage

Phone leads play a crucial role in your company’s business and a highly memorable number can make an incredible difference in call volume and customer recall. Studies have proven that consumers have a?75% higher recall for a vanity number?over a numeric one. Within the competitive roofing industry, 1-800-Roof Care will not fade into the sea of forgettable competitors.

A Smart Strategy for Independent Companies

You need a way to stand out from the many competing contractors in roofing. You also need a marketing edge that conveys that roofing is a highly specialized and well-respected industry. The 1-800-Roof Care program gives you a strategic advantage over national roofing franchises and their pooled advertising budgets.

Instant Recall Months or Years Later

Once a customer sees the 1-800-Roof Care number, it strikes a note in their memory. They will remember how to reach YOU every time they need service or are asked for a recommendation.

Immediate Call Conversion Via Mobile "Click-To-Call"

We guarantee to drive high value leads to your roofing business and we do this by utilizing cutting-edge lead conversion technologies. We are poised to take advantage of smartphone technology as this method of consumer search overtakes desktop queries. 1-800-Roof Care helps your business capitalize on the profitable, inbound click-to-call trend with our mobile site. When a customer uses the 1-800-Roof Care mobile site via their smartphone, they can simply touch the screen to be connected to you. With click-to-call technology, your business is at the forefront of the growing consumer trend. You are right at your prospect's fingertips which gives you a competitive edge in a market already saturated with advertising and information.

Locally Focused Mobile Prospects

Did you know that searches on mobile devices are 66% more likely to have local purchasing intent than desktop queries? Mobile searchers typically look for products and services that are proximate because they are convenience-oriented users who are seeking businesses nearby.

Mobile Users Easily Convert To Customers

Businesses that invest early in mobile will benefit. With 1-800-Roof Care's mobile site, your business has a great opportunity to get ahead of the curve and be tuned-in to changing consumer behavior. Mobile searchers are often trying to find a quick answer. They have stronger buying intent, are much closer to making a purchase, inclined to proximity and impulsed by targeted offers.

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