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Need A Roof Repair Company In The North Kansas City area?

When a roof needs maintenance or repairs, finding a well qualified roofing company in North Kansas City that is trustworthy can be a hassle. By dialing 1-800-Roofcare or filling out the form on this website a homeowner can connect directly with a roofing company that has at least five years of experience in the roof care field. Any company involved in this roof care network will also have a license and insurance to work in the state of Missouri. These attributes are critical in establishing a company as reputable and responsible. Any company contacted through this network will get the job done correctly the first time. Roof damages need to be fixed immediately in order to prevent huge bills and interior damage. A homeowner should choose who they want to fix their roof carefully.

When is a good time for a homeowner to schedule a contractor for roof maintenance?

There is a large degree of variance in the timelines for roof inspections because of the many materials that a roof can be built from. Most experts recommend that a roof be checked every three to five years for common forms of damage. The roof should also be replaced every twenty to thirty years in order to reduce risk of sudden damages. One of the most important factors in roof health is adhering to scheduled maintenance and proactively having it inspected for weak points. The timelines are limited recommendations that may need to be accelerated if the roof goes through extreme or prolonged conditions. If a homeowner is unsure if they still need a roof repair, they should consider the following variables:

  • A roofing company contacted through 1-800-Roofcare is capable of providing a free estimate on any work that needs to be done. This should make the initial contact of a company less stressful.
  • A roof expert can locate damaged seals and weak spots on interior roof layers that aren't visible from the outside. This can reduce risk of sudden damages.
  • Maintenance is almost always cheaper and easier than dealing with emergency repairs. Sudden damages can result in damaged interiors and a massive headache.

What are some of the typical examples of roof damage that a homeowner should watch for?

If a homeowner thinks that their roof has become damaged, they should immediately seek out a roof care professional. Addressing problems before they grow into huge repair jobs is the key to keeping costs low and maintenance to a minimum. Weather can be a huge factor in roof health and by doing an inspection before and after any severe weather event can prevent damages from going unnoticed. A leak can expand into a much bigger issue overnight, damaging electrical wires, structural supports, plumbing and personal possessions. If a homeowner spots any of these common conditions, they should contact a repair specialist immediately:

  • Weather damage is not limited to precipitation and leaks. High winds and the debris associated with severe storms can cause sudden damage. Checking for downed branches after storms is a good way to address common weather issues.
  • Aging can occur prematurely on a roof from prolonged conditions that are extreme. Checking for loose or fallen tiles is a common strategy for fighting this.
  • Buckling tiles on the exterior is a sign that a seal may have broken. The roof may have been constructed improperly also.
  • A sagging ceiling on the inside of a home can point to a leak that is causing structural warping. The additional weight of the moisture can cause serious damage.
  • Discolored or stained tiles on the outside point to a moss, mold or algae growth. This can trap moisture and lead to more problems. 

What does 1-800-Roofcare do for a homeowner seeking a roofing contractor?

By engaging in this roof care network, a homeowner is connected to a roofing company that has established itself as trustworthy. Any business allowed into the network already has a minimum of five years experience in the roof care industry. They also have their license and insurance to work in the state of Missouri. After these factors are initially addressed, a customer is free to enjoy the benefits of working with a small business:

  • A local company knows when severe weather has pushed through the area. They can often respond faster to emergency damages because of this.
  • A small business understands how important a customer's experience is. They treat every stage of the work respectfully and be sure to do the work to the best of their abilities.
  • A small company can put a homeowner directly in contact with the roof worker. This allows them to communicate expectations and needs directly. 

Where in Clay County, Missouri can a homeowner use the 1-800-Roofcare network?

All of Clay County is covered. The following communities are specifically included:





Excelsior Estates

Excelsior Springs




Kansas City




Missouri City





Oakwood park

Pleasant Valley




Sugar Creek


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