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Searching For A Roofing Company That Can Do A Quick Repair In The District of Columbia?

It can be overwhelming when searching for a roof repair company in the District of Columbia. When trying to find a contractor, a homeowner should dial 1-800-Roofcare or fill out the form on this website to be directed to a company that can perform quality work the first time. All businesses that are allowed in the 1-800-Roofcare network have a minimum of five years experience working in the industry and are both licensed and insured. These prerequisites are incredibly important when trying to find a contractor that will not only do excellent work, but be held accountable for it. The roofers that work in the District in this referral network are all responsible local workers that know their work is their reputation.

When is an appropriate time to consider a roof maintenance inspection?

The roof protects the interior of the home all year, whether huge storms of baking heat beat down on it. Over time, the tiles and materials that it is made of inevitably wear out. An inspection is recommended every three to five years depending on what the roof is made of. The entire roof should be replaced every twenty to thirty years. It is up to the home owner to pay close attention to the roof and determine when those inspections and replacements should take place. If a customer is debating whether or not an inspection is necessary, they should keep these facts in mind:

  • A roof expert can often locate damages that may not be obvious. This can save a homeowner large repair bills from leaks and other problems.
  • The roof needs to be inspected every three to five years regardless of apparent health. An inspection is preventative and can save lots of money.
  • Any company that is allowed in the 1-800-Roofcare network can provide a free quote on work that needs to be done. This should alleviate much of the stress of impending expenses.

What are some of the roof damages that a homeowner should pay close attention to?

Every instance of roof damage is unique and should always be inspected by a professional. By addressing problems the moment they are spotted, money is always saved. The process of keeping a home maintained is always ongoing and should never be ignored. The following types of damage are most common, and all require repairs:

  • A buckling section of tiles or shingles often indicates a part of the roof that was build incorrectly. It can also indicate a seal that has been broken.
  • Sagging and warping ceilings are warnings of a leaking roof. The wooden structure is absorbing moisture and bending.
  • Discolored portions of the roof point to moss, algae or mold growing on it. This can trap moisture and cause many types of damage.
  • Regular aging is one of the most common types of damage. If a tile has fallen off the roof or sections of it appear loose, an inspection may need to be rushed.
  • Weather damage from hail, snow, or rain is a common emergency repair. Sometimes high winds or debris also cause sudden damage to the roof.

What does 1-800-Roofcare do to put the customer ahead when trying to find a roof repair company?

If a homeowner dials 1-800-Roofcare or fills out the form on this website, they will be redirected to a local business in the District of Columbia that can perform roof maintenance for them. These businesses are all licensed and insured, and have a minimum of five years experience in their field. There are many other perks associated with using small businesses:

  • A small business knows that word of mouth is their chief asset in getting new customers. Providing a top notch customer experience is important to them and every home is treated with the same respect.
  • A local contractor will be aware of severe weather events in the DC area. They can respond faster than huge companies and often provide emergency repairs first.
  • A small roofing company can help the roofer communicate directly with the homeowner. This transmits knowledge and helps form trust between the client and the contractor.

Where in the District of Columbia can a homeowner expect service through the 1-800-Roofcare network?


Dupont Circle

Embassy Row

Adams Morgan

Penn quarter

Foggy Bottom

Columbia Heights

Pennsylvania Avenue

Capitol Riverfront

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